SPA programs at the Rocca al Mare hotel

Hotel Rocca al Mare has a health and massage center where you can enjoy the full range of efficient procedures on high professional level. Estonian SPA hotels operate to meet the clients’ needs and satisfy their most demanding wishes.When you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy hot aroma sauna, swim in a cool and impeccably clean swimming pool, try exotic massages and other procedures, we are always happy to see you in hotel Rocca al Mare!

As we aim to ensure a peaceful and relaxing stay in our Spa for you and other Spa visitors, we kindly ask you to please:
    • pre-book all your treatments and Day Spa Packages in advance;
    • arrive 10 minutes prior to your confirmed appointment time, to inform us of your arrival and prepare for the experience;
    • turn off your mobile phone;
    • make any changes to scheduled treatments no later than 48 hours before arrival, requests to change treatments later than this will be fulfilled according to the current availability of treatment rooms and therapists;
    • inform the Spa reception (by calling 6645950) if you are not able to get to a scheduled treatment at the time which has been booked. In this case the appointment time will be shortened by the length of your delay. Please note that pre-booked and pre-paid amounts will not be reimbursed;
    • inform your spa therapist of any health issues/problems you have which we should be made aware of before your treatment begins (i.e
    • chronic diseases, allergies, pregnancy etc.);
    • wear disposable underwear during your treatment;
    • wear your bathing suit in the Aqua and Sauna Center;
    • comply with all of the Aqua and Sauna center safety instructions.
NB! It is not allowed to mix alcohol and/or drugs with Spa treatments. In the event that a client turns up to his/her treatment under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the spa therapist has the right to refuse to carry out the treatment and a pre-booked and pre-paid treatment will not be reimbursed in this case.Our massage and health center provides tens of services for taking care of your body, face and hair. Highly qualified personnel is very helpful in putting together the most suitable procedures for your skin type.The best SPA hotels are opening their doors to you – welcome to hotel Rocca al Mare!
NB! OUR SPA IS CLOSED ON 24.02.2017 AND 25.02.2017.

SPA programs

Facial Treatments


First aid moisturizing treatment. This opportunity will instantly increase skin moisture level, which had fallen up to a critical level. This highly effective and intensive care will moisturize your skin and at the same time make it relax.

Treatment will suit tightened and dry skin.
Cleaning with milk and tonic
Face massage with moisturizing cream
Moisturizing Serum
Moisturizing mask
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure45 min
Price74 EUR

A gorgeous opportunity to take some relaxation and rest, as well as grant your skin a necessary care. All skin-care products are personally selected in accordance with a customer’s needs and skin type.

Cleaning with milk and tonic
Face-, neck- and decolletage massage
Serum with olive oil
Deep cleansing mask
Cooling eye mask
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure45 min
Price94 EUR

Stress, exhaustion, and tension have a bad effect on the skin, which can be clearly visible. Tonify your natural beauty, take care of your skin with healthy vitamins, which will definitely place a great emphasis on beauty! Vitamin treatment is fresh and full of energy care. Vitamins C, A, and E are contained in special capsules, which smoothly open aer applied into the skin, where they have a continuous result. Treatment will suit people with tired skin and grey complexion. 

Duration of the procedure1 hour
Price94 EUR

Collagen leaf is made by natural collagen gel freeze drying process. Collagen is a vital element of connective tissue which restores tissue tone and moistures epidermis. Collagen leaves are applied in cosmetology to accelerate cellular regeneration and remove wrinkles. Treatment will suit any skin type.

Cleaning with milk and tonic
Face-, neck- and decolletage massage
Collagen mask and collagen serum
Cooling eye mask
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure1 hour and 30 minutes
Price104 EUR

Nutrifies, stimulates, strengthens dry skin with signs of ageing, renews hydrolipidic skin barrier. It combines positive seaweeds and ethereal oils features. In the result of a procedure, skin structure will be highly improved, and signs of ageing will be visibly reduced.

will s it dry skin with low moisture level.
Cleaning with milk and tonic
Aroma massage
Moisturizing mask
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure1 hour
Price94 EUR

Fragrant facial care combines three flora elements, peaty minerals, vegetable oil, and nutrifying vitamins, which take care of facial skin and provide its safety. Ethereal oils provide your skin with the vital power, improve its structure, and the whole body state.

Treatment removes edemas, provides facial skin with energy and elasticity, protects skin, and balances oil glands secretion. In the course of aromatic treatment, massage procedure is combined with the ethereal oils effect, which provides the highest result, nourishes your skin and mind. This type of treatment does not suit sensitive skin.

Duration of the procedure1 hour
Price74 EUR

This is the most non-traumatic procedure which provides a deep cleaning. If necessary, the procedure may include mechanical cleaning or may be done without it.

The main advantage of the PROCEDURE is that it enhances skin resistance and ability to protect itself from any harmful elements, as well as fills the skin with vital substances. It will definitely contribute to the reduction of complications frequency and seriousness, prevent comedone consequences (scarring, pigmentation, etc) or make them less dismal.

Cleaning with milk
Lotion for problem skin
Heating lotion
Deep cleansing mask for problem skin
Day cream & serum

Duration of the procedure1 hour 15 min
Price104 EUR

An effective facial care procedure. Due to the clear heat efficiency, the procedure contributes to a deep penetration of nutrient substances into the skin. It models facial shape and removes the “second” chain.
As the result:
You get an improved complexion, deeply nutrified with nutrient substances, as well as clearly visible modeling effect.

Treatment is recommended to people at the age of 30 and above.
Cleaning with milk and tonic
Face-, neck- and decolletage massage
Serum ampoule gel
Thermo mask
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure1 hour
Price 80 EUR

Multifunctional rejuvenescent formula has a strong regenerating effect, it increases collagen and elastin level, while protecting your skin from the ageing process under free radicals influence.

Treatment is recommended
to people at the age of 30 and above.
Cleaning with milk and tonic
Intense serum
Face-, neck- and decolletage massage with energy cream
Mask for face
Smoothing serum
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure1 hour
Price104 EUR

Wash out stress! Be successful! Stressful situations disrupt skin delicate hormonal balance and become one of the reasons of such dermatologic disorders as inflammation, itchiness, wrinkled dry skin, dullness, skin over oiliness, hypersensitivity, and the other complex symptoms.

If you wish to make a bright impression on the others, this express-care will provide you with the highest result in the shortest time. Even if you have lack of time and you feel that you have underwent a real stress, your skin will instantly become fresh, tonified, and stimulated after you apply anti-stress mask full of vitamins and products which make your skin bright and shiny. Your complexion will become visibly healthy and bright.

Anti-stress care allows to reduce and remove
skin irritation signs, hypersensitivity, over dryness and increases skin resistance to stressful situations.
Cleaning with milk and tonic that consist probiotics
Soothing gel
Relaxing face massage
Soothing and cleansing mask
Soothing eye mask
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure1 hour
Price94 EUR

This gentle procedure provides skin with an instant lifting effect, moistures it, and smoothes out wrinkles. The procedure will help you to prepare for any party – your skin will look immaculately smooth, bright and silky. Visible results can be already seen after the first session! Treatment is recommended for people at the age of 30 and above.

Cleaning with milk and tonic
Peeling Cleansing gel (Anti- Toxin)
Face-, neck- and decolletage massage
Moisturizing mask
Firming mask
Rejuvinating serum
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure1 hour 1min
Price 94 EUR

Intensive moisturizing, deep cleansing and rejuvenating treatment with ultrasound  restores, cleans, improves skin and reduces signs of aging.

1. and 2. Step: ultrasonic cleaning and  peeling

The procedure begins with a thorough cleaning of the skin with special cleansing milk and lotion. Next the skin is moisturized with liquid, which ensures the opening of the pores and a deep cleaning. Then the Skin is treated with a spatula-shaped  ultrasound device effectively removing makeup residues from  the skin as well as dirt and oil.

3. Step. Ultrasound micromassage

Thorough cleaning is followed by a special ultrasound device treatment using oxygen-gel to calm the skin and narrow the pores. The treatment accelerates the metabolism of the skin, stimulates skin cell renewal and depletion of residues. Ultrasonic heat will help to absorb active agents into the deeper layers of the skin.

Duration of the procedure:1 hour and 15 minutes
Price:110 евро

Treatments for hands


Includes service manicure plus pilling and a mask with collagen or parafinotheraphy. Improves blood circulation, transforms a rigid leather in silky!

Price70 EUR
Classic manicure50 EUR
Gel manicure65 EUR

Treatments for feet

Spa-pedicure Includes servise a pedicure plus pilling and a mask with collagen parafinotheraphy. Well influences tired legs, improves blood circulation, it is goodly humidifi.
Price 90 EUR

A special massage for the so-called “difficult” feet. It is good for buzzing legs, easing stress. The massage allows the legs to feel at ease and well and improves circulation. The foot massage has a relaxing effect and gives your feet a wonderful feeling. The chestnut extract in the gel reduces pain and cools down burning feet.’

Duration of the procedure25 minutes
Price30 EUR

Body Treatments


Exfoliant with herbal extracts
Relaxing warm towels
Relaxing massage for back, neck and shoulders
Mudmask with man useful minerals

Duration of the procedure1 h
Price60 EUR

Classic massage is an easy way to relax and de-stress. The massage helps relieve not only physical, but also mental strain. Its accelerates blood and lymph circulation, reduces pain in muscles and joints, removes toxins from the body and improves skin elasticity. The massage also treats sleep disorders, fatigue, balances the nervous system and improves metabolism.

Duration of the procedure1 hour
Price50 EUR

Duration of the procedure30 min
Price35 EUR

Welcome harmony derived from the chocolate effect! Chocolate made of cocoa beans has an important impact on skin beauty. Wrapping aids body form improvement and “orange peel” effect reduction; scientific researches prove that cacao aids endorphin release, a so called hormone of joy, which improves your mood and, at the same time, has an effective impact on fat burning process.

Chocolate wrapping contains polyphenol, which aids body form improvement, nutrifies and tones up your skin, keeps it moisture level, and, last, but not least, helps you to dispose of cellulite. Cacao scrub removes dead cells, having no damage effect on your skin. The procedure will provide you body with all physical and emotional medical properties of chocolate without a single calorie!

Duration of the procedure1 hour 
Price60 EUR

Anti-cellulite-massage has an effect on deep skin structures, subcutaneous fat, and muscles. Moreover, it prevents connection tissue growth, which reveals in a specific “orange peel” on the skin. In the result of a massage course, your body will look trim, and your skin will be completely renewed.

The application of gel for an active microcirculation
A deep massage targeting problem areas
Liing Serum
Anti-cellulite cream

Duration of the procedure1 h
Price60 EUR

Duration of the procedure1 hour and 10 minutes
Price65 EUR

Sensuous geo-thermal thalasso peeling, geo-thermal body emulsion. After peeling is applied, your skin will be soft, renewed, and velvety.

Duration of the procedure 45 minutes
Price50 EUR

ALMA SALUS line massage is a special SPA massage which dates back to the culture of ancient Mediterranean civilization — the Etruscans, the Greeks, and the Romans. Upon the dipping into the relaxation luxury, you will completely lose time and sensation feeling.

Massage reveals mind and body harmony secrets, provides sensual delight, complete serenity, dilutes anxieties and dissolves tension. ALMA SALUS line massage has derived its name from a special type of olives, which is used to produce a fragrant olive oil full of healthy ingredients.

Duration of the procedure45 minutes
Price50 EUR

The head massage has been specially created to relieve stress and relax. The massage techniques are based on the widespread techniques of relaxing and Eastern massages.

Duration of the procedure20 minutes
Price25 EUR

Aromatic anti-stress and detoxical treatment. Proficiently selected aroma oils and the master’s gentle strokes will relax tight muscles, release you from stress, sleep disorder, pressure discontinuities, and will merely improve your mood, make you dilute any anxieties, so that you could recover your inner balance and concentrate on your peace of mind and body.

Aroma oils, which strengthen the immune system, remain in the body for up to 72 hours, renewing body cells and making your skin more elastic. The procedure excretes toxins and waste fluid from the body. The procedure guarantees the highest relaxation and release from a nervous state and stress.

Duration of the procedure45 minutes
Price 50 EUR

The whole body is massaged and the pumice stones are applied to certain points to restore the balance between different body areas and to relieve muscle tension. The treatment relaxes and balances the entire body.

Duration of treatment 1 hour 30 minutes
Price90 eur

Water Center


Dimensions of the pool:

    • Length: 15 m
    • Depth: 1,10 m and 1,20 m

Water temperature:

    • Swimming pool: min. 25,2 ° С


Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 11, Tallinn, Estonia


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