Sauna at the Rocca Al Mare

You wish to spend time with your friends?

Rent the whole complex for private use!

Sauna and swimming pool are ideal for having a rest.

The complex accommodates 22 people. You can use 2 Finnish saunas, 15 m swimming pool, massage bath and recreation room for 15 people. And this is all for your privacy! We offer you the possibility to order different snacks and beverages from special sauna menu.

Own food or drinks are not allowed!

The saun is open by appointment only. Please write:

NOTE! Minimum reservation is for 5 persons and 2 hours.

The rent price for the whole complex is for 1 hour.

TimeNumber of personsPrice/1 per./1 h.
13:00 — 22:001-68 EUR/1 per.
13:00 — 22:007-127 EUR/1 per.
13:00 — 22:0013-226 EUR/1 per.

We ask you to book a minimum of 24 hours. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking. This amount is not refundable.
The deposit for the use of the water complex is 150 euros, which is returned after the use of the service, if the equipment is not damaged in the water center.

Additional information:

Enjoy the sauna!

Meat plate23,00 EUR
Ham-roles, roasted beef-roles, broiler fillet,
freshtomato andcucumber slices, red onion rings, tip sauce.
Fish-plate24,00 EUR

Salted salmon fillet, fritted perch fillet wit tar-tar sauce, herringfillet with sour cream,stuffed eggs with shrimp mousse, red onion rings, fresh saladleaves.

Farmers’ sauna-plate26,00 EUR

Traditional potato-salad, potato and onion mini-pies, ham-roles, garlic bread,fritted dumplings, tip sauce

Rich sauna-plate 33,00 EUR

Fried “Eesti juust” (Estonian cheese), garlic bread,
chicken wings,traditional potato-salad, barbecue sausage, choice of tip sauces, fresh tomato andcucumber slices.

Snacks  (pre-booking only): 
Fried “Eesti juust” (Estonian cheese) (100g)4,50 EUR
Garlic bread (150g)2,50 EUR
Waldorf salad (130g)3,50 EUR
Barbecue sausages (110g)4,50 EUR
Stuffed eggs (70g)2,50 EUR
Chicken wings (160g)5,00 EUR
Ham-roles (120g)2,50 EUR
Сосиски гриль (150g)2,90 EUR
Картофельный салат (130g)3,50 EUR
Pie (1 piece)1,00 EUR
Beer “Saku originaal” 0,33 L/0,5L2,50/3,80 EUR
Pear cider 0,5 L3,00 EUR
Vichy sparkling / still 0,33 L1,60 EUR
Cranberry-drink 1 L1,50 EUR
Juice 1 L6,40 EUR


Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 11, Tallinn, Estonia


Tel. +372 6645 950 | E-mail:


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