Rooms and prices

If you wish to book a room with windows overlooking the sea at a hotel in Tallinn, you can only find two such offers, one of which is ours. Our hotel, built in 2008, is one of the newest hotels in town.

Prices at our hotel vary depending on the duration of the stay, the type of the room and the number of guests.

In order to specify the cost of accommodation or book a room, please indicate the dates of your arrival and departure, and number of rooms and guests, and click “Check availability and price”.

Like many leading hotels in Tallinn, Rocca al Mare treats each customer with extra care. All of our rooms are designed for non-smokers. You can only smoke on the hotel terrace.

When you are looking for a convenient and affordable hotel in Tallinn, be sure to take us into consideration.

According to our customers, Rocca al Mare Hotel offers the best value for your money in Tallinn among 4 stars hotels.