Treatments for hands and feet

Feet massage


Includes servise a pedicure plus pilling and a mask with collagen parafinotheraphy. Well influences tired legs, improves blood circulation, it is goodly humidifi.

Duration of the procedure 1 h 30m
Price 45  €
Pedicure 33,00 €
 ”French” covering 8,50 €
 Nail art for the nail 2,00 €
 Semi-precious stone for nails, piece 1,00 €
 Legs massage (30 mins) 25,00 €

Hand massage


Includes service manicure plus pilling and a mask with collagen or parafinotheraphy. Improves blood circulation, transforms a rigid leather in silky!

Duration of the procedure 1 hour
Price 35  EUR
Manicure with polish  20,00 €
Gel polish 30,00 €
Nails polishing  5,00 €
Nails polishing with old polish removing 5,00 €
Reducing of broken nail 3,00 €
“French” manicure 28,00 €
Nail art for the nail  2,00 €
Semi-precious stone for nails, piece 1,00 €
Hands massage (30 mins) 20,00 €
Hot parafine  12,00 €
Articial nails
Gel nails  44,00 €
Gel nails care  32,00 €
Recovering for one nail  6,00 €

A special massage for the so-called “difficult” feet. It is good for buzzing legs, easing stress. The massage allows the legs to feel at ease and well and improves circulation. The foot massage has a relaxing effect and gives your feet a wonderful feeling. The chestnut extract in the gel reduces pain and cools down burning feet.’

Duration of the procedure 25 minutes
Price 20 EUR
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