Sauna menu

Plates for 4 persons ( pre-booking  only): 

Meat plate 23,00 EUR
Ham-roles, roasted beef-roles, broiler fillet,
freshtomato andcucumber slices, red onion rings, tip sauce.
Fish-plate 24,00 EUR
Salted salmon fillet, fritted perch fillet wit tar-tar sauce,
herringfillet with sour cream,stuffed eggs with shrimp mousse,
red onion rings, fresh saladleaves.
Farmers’ sauna-plate 26,00 EUR
Traditional potato-salad, potato and onion mini-pies, ham-roles,
garlic bread,fritted dumplings, tip sauce
Rich sauna-plate 33,00 EUR
Fried “Eesti juust” (Estonian cheese), garlic bread,
chicken wings,traditional potato-salad,
barbecue sausage, choice of tip sauces, fresh tomato andcucumber slices.
Snacks  (pre-booking only):
Fried “Eesti juust” (Estonian cheese)(100g) 4,50 EUR
Garlic bread(150g) 2,50 EUR
Waldorf salad(130g) 3,50 EUR
Barbecue sausages(110g) 4,50 EUR
Stuffed eggs(70g) 2,50 EUR
Chicken wings(160g) 5,00 EUR
Ham-roles(120g) 2,50 EUR
Pie (1 piece) 1,00 EUR
Beer “Saku originaal” 0,33 L/0,5L 2,50/3,80 EUR
Pear cider 0,5 L 3,00 EUR
Vichy sparkling / still 0,33 L 1,60 EUR
Cranberry-drink 1 L 1,50 EUR
Juice 1L 6,40 EUR