Grill menu

We wish you warm and sunny summer and would like to invite you to taste our new grill-menu. The new menu consists of various main courses prepared on the grill, a wide range of snacks and salads and will satisfy all tasty meal-lovers.

It is possible to enjoy your meal on our terrace with breath-takeble view over Kopli Bay and  Tallinn city.

Garlik bread with sauce 2,50 EUR
Roasted and salted nuts, pistachioes and peanuts 2,90 EUR
Potato chips with yoghurt-sauce 2,50 EUR
Fresh salad with chicken fillet 5,50 EUR
Fresh salad with salmon 5,50 EUR
Green salad with feta 5,50 EUR
Homemade fish-soup 3,00 EUR
Classic thick meat-soup 3,00 EUR
 From the Grill
Shashlyk – grilled pork with hot sauce 10,00 EUR
Pork carbonado with warm mushroom sauce 10,50 EUR
Grilled tandoor chicken with carry souce 10,50 EUR
Grilled salmon with tar-tar sauce 11,50 EUR
Grilled vegetables 7,00 EUR
Pancakes 2,50 EUR
Apple-pie with vanilla sauce 2,50 EUR
Ice cream with berries sauce 3,00 EUR
 Side dishes
Pommes frites 2,00 EUR
Oven-baked potatoes 2,00 EUR
Rice 2,00 EUR

Hope to see you soon!