A`La Carte меnu

Salmon carpaccio with cheese cream and lettuce leaf 10,50 EUR
Beef marinated in horseradish, served with lettuce and cherry tomatoes sautéed in soy syrup 11,00 EUR
Simple carrot salad “Al Mare”. Served with marinated mussels and shrimps with yoghurt and lime dressing. 9,00 EUR
Classical Caesar salad with quail eggs. Served with one of the following
choices – chicken fillet, tiger prawns or salmon.
10,00 EUR
Goat cheese Chevre gratinate and strawberries gratinate in balsamico coating 9,00 EUR
Grilled aubergines with emmental cheese and walnuts 9,00 EUR
Glazed tiger shrimps with Julienne vegetables 15,50 EUR
Veal sote, fried in teriyaki sauce with ginger and chilli. Served with grilled
pickled vegetables.
15,00 EUR
Leak velute soup with oven-baked brie 6,50 EUR
Soup of two fishes with young potatoes 6,50 EUR
Hot tomato soup puree with bacon 6,50 EUR
Pasta Penne with shrimps, olives and cherry tomatoes in lobster cream sauce. 10,50 EUR
Pasta “Pollo” with fried vegetables and chicken, home-made curry cream sauce and parmesan cheese. 10,00 EUR
Spicy linguine pasta with salmon, garlic and cream sauce and parmesan cheese 10,00 EUR
Grilled perch fillet, served with warm potato-peanut salad and cappuccino sauce made of Tõmmu / Dark / wine 14,50 EUR
Over baked salmon with spinach-potatoescream and cheese-shrimp sauce 15,50 EUR
Oven-fried guinea fowl fillet with saffron couscous and brandy-cream sauce 15,50 EUR
Barbecued pork fillet with oyster mushroom ragu and whipped mustard seed sauce 15,50 EUR
Grilled duck breast cuts, served with potato-apple duchesse and calvados sauce 17,00 EUR
Sheep duet with vegetables and tomato sauce and rosemary ratatoule 17,50 EUR
Beef fillet with potato-cappar purée and red wine-thyme sauce 20,00 EUR
Selection of ice-cream with three different dressings 6,00 EUR
Cheesecake with black currant ice cream 7,00 EUR
Bitter chocolate-truffle cake “al Mare” with warm strawberry cappuccino 7,00 EUR
Apricots flambéed with Armagnac, served with puff pastry crumbs and vanilla ice-cream 7,00 EUR
Chocolate fondant with wild berries. Served with vanilla ice cream and berry coulis. 7,00 EUR
Fruit salad with peppermint glaze 6,00 EUR

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