Grill menu

Garlic bread with sauce 3,00 EUR
Roasted and salted nuts, pistachios and peanuts 3,50 EUR
Potato chips with yogurt sauce 3,00 EUR
Fresh salad with chicken fillet 6,60 EUR
Fresh salad with salmon 6,60 EUR
Green salad with feta 6,60 EUR
Homemade fish soup 3,60 EUR
Classic thick meat soup 3,60 EUR
 From the Grill
Shashlik – grilled pork with hot sauce 12,00 EUR
Pork carbonado with warm mushroom sauce 12,50 EUR
Grilled tandoor chicken with carry sauce 12,50 EUR
Grilled salmon with tartar sauce 14,00 EUR
Grilled vegetables 9,00 EUR
Pancakes 3,00 EUR
Apple pie with vanilla sauce 3,00 EUR
Ice cream with berry sauce 4,00 EUR
 Side dishes
French fries 2,50 EUR
Over-baked potatoes 2,50 EUR
Rice 2,50 EUR

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