Coffee breaks

“Welcome” coffee
Coffee, tea, ice water
Price per person: 1,60 EUR

Coffee, tea, ice-water and mini- muffins (3 pieces per person)
Price per person: 3,00 EUR

Mini- muffins
Price per person: 2,00 EUR

Coffee brake with pie
Coffee, tea, ice-water and a slice of pie
Price per person: 4,30 EUR

Slice of pie
Price per person: 2,30 EUR

Coffee brake with sandwiches
Coffee, tea, ice water and sandwiches (2 sandwiches: with salami, salmon, cheese or ham)
Price per person: 4,50 EUR

(2 sandwiches: with salami, salmon, cheese or ham)
Price per person: 3,50 EUR

In addition we offer:

Salty mini- pies
(2 pies: with potato, ham or rice)
Price per person: 2,70 EUR

Fruit plate
(grapes, pear, orange, strawberry)
Price per person: 5,00 EUR

Selection of cheese
(Brie cheese, blue cheese, Saare Leet, grape, apple, pear, crackers)
Price per person: 5,00 EUR

Mineral water Vichy Still / Vichy Classique
Price per person: 1,60 EUR

Coca-cola / Fanta / Sprite
Price per person: 1,60 EUR

Price per person: 1,60 EUR

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