There is no doubt that everyone wants their party to be the most memorable, extraordinary
and vivid one – whether it be an anniversary, wedding, New Year’s celebration or a child’s

The Rocca al Mare Hotel invites birthday boys and girls, newlyweds, and everybody who
has decided to organise a brilliant celebration to spend their memorable day with us. We can
suggest entertainment to create the perfect mood and provide unforgettable emotions to all
your guests. If you fancy classic banquets in luxurious restaurants with excellent food and
drinks, then the restaurant of Rocca al Mare is your best choice.

Should you decide to celebrate a special occasion in a less formal setting, we would be happy
to organise a merry event for you in a unique complex with a 15-meter swimming pool, a
large Finnish sauna, a hot tub, and, of course, а banquet hall!

Imagine how happy children would be splashing around in the swimming pool, should you

decide to grant them such a vivid and colorful celebration!