SPA Packages

Business woman

Facial, neck, and breast care – skin clearance and stimulation; scrub applying; facial, neck, and breast area massage; mask applying; day-time cream (made along with the manicure)
Pedicure — aesthetic feet care procedure. Well-groomed feet = sense of well-being! Relaxing feet bath, thickenings treatment, fingernails length correction, feet scrub applying, cream applying, fingernails polishing.
Manicure — aesthetic fingernails care procedure. Beautiful hands = sense of well-being! Hand scrub applying, fingernails filing and shaping, cuticle repairing, gentle massage with the application of nutrifying and moisturizing cream, fingernails polishing.

Duration of the procedure 3 hours
Price 79 EUR

Day-time wellness-package for women

Tonic scrub applied to the whole body(Scrub purifies and moistures skin epidermis)
Body wrapping — (Wrapping instantly moistures and softens skin, stimulates cells renewal. Wrapping contains essence which enhances oxygen absorbing and smoothens the skin)
Body massage
Facial and breast area care procedure(Facial care SPA-procedure softens and moistures facial skin and breast area, smoothens out facial wrinkles)
Eyebrows and eyelashes coloring’

Duration of the procedure 3 hours and 30 minutes
Price 110 EUR

Romantic date

Whole body scrub – (Purifies and makes skin firm).
Facial skin procedure — (Extra freshening facial skin care)
Eyebrows and eyelashes coloring
Day-time massage

Duration of the procedure 3 hours
Price 80 EUR


Moisturizing and tightening facial skin care (This procedure will instantly increase moisture level which has fallen up to the critical level. An extremely effective and intensive care will highly moisture the skin, at the same time, make it relax)
Feet massage

Duration of the procedure 2 hours and 30 minutes
Price 75 EUR


Anti-stress massage – (head and neck massage)
Harmonizing facial care procedure
Foot massage (special oils application)

Duration of the procedure 2 hours
Price 76 EUR

New Birth

Facial care procedure (detoxifying and revitalizing skin balance)
Eyes care procedure (removes tension from the eyes and reduces wrinkles)
Body care procedure (rejuvenating and revitalizing skin balance)
SPA-massage with aroma-therapy application

Duration of the procedure 2 h.30 min.
Price 99 EUR

A day to myself!

Body massage «ALMA SALUS» – (Massage reveals mind and body harmony secrets, grants sensitive delight, full serenity, releases from anxieties and tension)
Facial care procedure (personally selected according to facial skin needs)
Hands massage

Duration of the procedure 2 hours
Price 80 EUR