“Procedure for skin restoration and protection from stress”

Procedure for skin restoration and protection from stress

Wash out stress! Be successful! Stressful situations disrupt skin delicate hormonal balance and become one of the reasons of such dermatologic disorders as inflammation, itchiness, wrinkled dry skin, dullness, skin over oiliness, hypersensitivity, and the other complex symptoms. If you wish to make a bright impression on the others, this express-care will provide you with the highest result in the shortest time. Even if you have lack of time and you feel that you have underwent a real stress, your skin will instantly become fresh, tonified, and stimulated after you apply anti-stress mask full of vitamins and products which make your skin bright and shiny. Your complexion will become visibly healthy and bright.

Anti-stress care allows to reduce and remove
skin irritation signs, hypersensitivity, over dryness and increases skin resistance to stressful situations.
Cleaning with milk and tonic that consist probiotics
Soothing gel
Relaxing face massage
Soothing and cleansing mask
Soothing eye mask
Day cream & eye cream

Duration of the procedure 1 hour and
Price 46 EUR