Cedar SPA

Cedar Barrel

The Cedar Barrel fitosauna helps get rid of many ailments, rejuvenates, and revitalises the body. The Cedar Barrel help during the flu season is priceless. The combination of steam saturated with herbs that is delivered into the cabin of the Cedar Barrel has a beneficial effect on humans. The Cedar Barrel mini-sauna is particularly indicated for people with metabolic disorders, spine and joints diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, and peripheral nervous system diseases.

The Cedar Barrel fitoosauna;
A tea ceremony with floral honey and snacks;

Duration of the procedure 1 hour
Price 30 EUR

“Oriental Traditions” package

This package combines two traditions and allows to achieve the maximum cleansing effect on both the skin and the whole body in a short period of time. The package Oriental Traditions lasting for 2.5 hours is intented for a couple and includes the following services: the Ayurvedic massage with essential oils (20 minutes, the oil absorbed by the skin gives a much stronger cleansing effect);
the Cedar Barrel fitosauna;
the swimming pool during the time of treatment;
a tea ceremony with floral honey and snacks;
robes and towels.

Duration of the procedure 2 hour and 30 minutes
Price 72 EUR