Thalasso-therapy “Sea breath”

Thalasso-therapy “Sea breath”

Thalasso-therapy, or so called “sea treatment”, combines a natural origin and a centuries-old tradition. Due to the mixture of healthy ingredients, sea gifts take the first place in the list of means for detoxification, rejuvenation and weight loss. The procedure begins with body peeling, followed bymud wrapping, and ends with a gentle massage. Mud contains a great number of minerals. This mixture is supplemented with the ethereal oils which enrich the procedure with the aromatherapy relaxing effect.

Course is personally made according to the following selection:
2. OVERWEIGHT (modeling)
3. RENEWING (strengthening)

Thalasso-therapy effects:
Strengthening of the metabolic processes in tissues
Fat splitting
Skin nutrition (minerals and vitamins)
Disposal of cellulite (fibrous nodes breakdown)
Relaxation (anti-stress, relaxing)
Acceleration of waste fluid excretion

Duration of the procedure 1 hour and 30 minutes
Price 48 EUR