Uzhichil Massage with cedar wooden barrel steam sauna

Uzhichil Massage

Nature and the health condition of people are governed by three types of energy: wind, fire and water energy. Just like in nature, everything is nice and peaceful within a person as long as the wind energy remains moderate – waves are not boisterous and fire is not blazing in the nature. Imbalance of fire energy is what makes people anxious, arises doubts, irritability, makes the body tense, skin dry, and increases appetite; blocked fire energy, however, causes pain in joints, at the nape of the neck and in the lumbar region. How to calm the wind energy raging in one’s body? From faraway times, a wonderful procedure has reached us: the deeply relaxing massage Urichil, which uses 100% sesame oil. The warming massage alleviates stress and release emotional and muscle pain. Step-by-step, the feeling of liberation and lightness arrives; complete peace takes over one’s senses. The steam procedure in a cedar wood barrel sauna helps the body to warm quickly and the pores and cells to open. The oil massaged into the skin exits with sweat and toxins, cleaning the organism deeply, on the level of cells. The powerful massage Urichil with a rejuvenating and cleansing effect on the body prolongs life!

Duration of the procedure 2 hours and 5 minutes
Price 57 EUR