Rocca al Mare history

In the year 1863 the burgomaster of Reval (Tallinn), Artur Girard de Soucanton, purchased from an owner of Haabersti estate a large plot at the cliff near the sea. There he erected a summer villa and named it Rocca al Mare (“Cliff by the Sea”). Eventually, the whole neighbourhood became known by the name of this villa.

Around the villa there was a park laid out. Through the park a road (Via Appia) run along which the stone slabs from the ruins of Tallinn St. Catherine’s Monastery were placed, the oldest of which dates from the year 1330.

Usually, the owners moved to the villa in the beginning of June. They led there a settled and idle life. Walking along the seashore, playing musis at evenings, hunting and parties were the integral rituals of spending time at the summer villa. While arranging the parties the hosts sought to amaze the guests with the furniture of the building, the spacious and well-groomed park and the delicate dishes. There certainly came into notice also the pleasant manners of the servants.

Rocca al Mare – it is an unforgettable combination of magnificent nature, old traditions and modern trends.